A Moslem scholar by the name of Imam Al Shafi’i wrote the most beautiful saying about knowledge that translates into: The more I learn, the more I become aware of how little I know. Of course the word rhythm and the general music of the Arabic language are just more poetic and poignant than English.


Do you ever feel in a state of bliss when you learn?. I do. I feel I am in a trance. It may sound dramatic but it is true. I am preparing for an NLP course that requires 50+ hours of pre study material and I am also in the process of wrapping up my piano student’s pieces for their annual associated board exams.. So cooking, and photography took a temporary back seat.

Summer has arrived in Dubai, unapologetic and forceful even though it is still April and the world all around is enjoying Spring. Summer means Salads to me. I love the way beetroots look and I know they are good on the inside and out!. The way I ate beetroots at home was very unassuming. Mom boiled and sliced them then juiced lemon and oil drizzle and salt on top. I took it a step further and added purslane.The second very simple recipe that I picked up from”Everyday food”on TV is a Fennel, Orange and Parsley salad that is incredibly refreshing and tasty.

I wont be writing a list of ingredients as it is so simple to prepare these two salads.

Beetroot Salad

Boil one or two large beetroot in boiling salted water with their skin on for a good 45 minutes until tender. Meanwhile, remove the Purslane leaves off the stalks, wash and dry. Once the beetroot is drained and cooled, peel and slice them into thin rounds. Season with sea salt and add lemon to each layer at a time. Mix in the purslane leaves and add olive oil more lemon and  sea salt.

Fennel, Orange and Parsley Salad

First, peel one orange all around, making sure all the white skin is removed and you have reached the flesh. Then segment it one slice at time, making sure only the flesh is taken out between the skins. Squeeze the left over juice in the salad bowl on top of the segments. For the fennel. Cut the stalks out. Simply use a peeler to remove the hard skin off. Cut in half and once again remove the hard inner part of the Fennel. Slice thinly and place on top of the orange segments. For the parsley, remove a handful of the leaves off the stalks wash and dryand place as whole leaves on top of the fennel. Take a handful of greek black Kalamata olives. Once de-stoned, slice them and add on top of the salad. Drizzle some olive oil and sea salt and mix everything together with the orange juice at the bottom of the salad. Bon Appetite.